Key benefits

  • Materials

    We work with most materials, including stainless steel, tool steel, machine steel, free cutting steel, beryllium, tantalum, brass, aluminum, bronze, molybdenum, peek, delrin, acrylic glass, silver, Teflon, MACOR, and titanium.

  • Machinery

    We have equipment for most types of machining, such as: Microsope fitted SIP precision drilling/milling, CNC lathe for long slender details, lathe Schaublin, circular grinding surface grinding tools, grinding, milling machines, measuring room diabase 1200 * 800 profile projector.

  • Quality

    Precision engineering with high standards of finish and reliability. Processing such as drilling and turning down to 0.08 mm. Workshop adapted for developing and mounting precision instruments. Products can be manufactured with extremely tight specifications to the highest quality.

  • Speed

    Short delivery times for the development of new products. Availability of the customer is paramount. Reference customers in medical research and development at companies and universities, and general development for the automotive industry.